This Detoxifying Charcoal Face Mask Will Cleanse Your Skin Stat

Don't buy a mask—DIY one at home with a few simple ingredients.

Health nuts became obsessed with charcoal when they realized it might come with detoxifying properties. According to Health’s contributing nutritionist, Cynthia Sass, RD, activated charcoal (which is like the charcoal you use in your grill, only more porous) is commonly used to remove harmful substances from the system. For example, charcoal is often used in emergency rooms to treat individuals dealing with drug overdoses or poisoning, since it can absorb toxins and prevent them from getting absorbed into one’s gastrointestinal tract and bloodstream. Who knew?

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What’s more, the ashy ingredient also delivers pore-clearing and acne-fighting benefits. Those qualities made beauty hounds wonder, why not add charcoal to products as a way to remove toxins from the skin? It wasn’t long before brands caught on. Companies have hopped on the trend, creating charcoal beauty products like facial sponges and cleansers that claim to unlock your best complexion.

All this hype got us thinking: Could there be a natural way to add charcoal to our skincare routines sans store-bought products? As it turns out, there is. In this video, we’re showing you how to make a charcoal face mask that you can mix up in minutes at home.

First, blend easy-to-find ingredients Greek yogurt, lemon juice, and honey. Then, remove a couple spoonfuls of the mixture and combine it with a teaspoon of charcoal to create your DIY face mask. That’s all it takes. (P.S. Don’t be afraid of the charcoal’s deep dark color!)

Apply the all-natural product to your face, letting it dry as it sits for a few minutes. Then wash it off with warm water and admire your so-clear skin.

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