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Because knots are the *least* of your worries right now.

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Every fall, winter, spring—okay, really any time of the year except summer—we look forward to summer. It’s a time to relax a little bit and take a little bit of well-deserved vacation (hello, pools, oceans, sunshine!).

But for your hair? "Summer environmental stresses can lead to hair cuticle damage that results in inflammation, protein loss, and oxidative stress on the hair fiber,” explains Shani Francis, MD, medical director of Ashira Dermatology and clinical assistant professor at the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine.

In short: June, July, and August can be seriously stressful for your strands. If you didn’t wear a swim cap all summer or coat your hair in SPF (we know you didn’t), there are fortunately ways to curb damage.

Heal your hair with this guide that tackle’s summer’s biggest threats.

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