Demi Lovato's Instagram Cellulite Photo Is Inspiring Fans to Post Their Own

These unretouched bikini shots reveal the huge impact Demi's raw and honest post has had.

Demi Lovato isn't sorry at all about her confident Instagram post. Last week, the singer shared a photo of herself rocking a cheetah bikini while posing in a pool, showing off her unretouched body in all its glory.

But her badass bikini shot didn't just give her fans another reason to love her—the post inspired fans to share their own unedited photos and praise the star for proving what body positivity really means.

Lovato's "celluLIT" photo has racked up an eye-popping 9 million likes since it was posted on Friday, and she's received thousands of comments in support of her post.

"Here's me, RAW, REAL! And I love me," Lovato wrote in her caption. "And you should love you too!"

It sure looks like her fans do. One shared a similar photo of herself wearing a bikini shortly after Lovato's photo went up; the fan added a caption that Lovato herself would probably love.

"tbh i never thought i'd post these pics here. i never thought i'd be brave enough to share the second one anywhere," the fan wrote in her caption. "with demi's help, i started thinking differently abt how I looked. I started appreciating my body, not giving a fuck abt what people said. i started being grateful for it and we lowkey have a love relationship rn. i'm so so proud of you @ddlovato."

Soon, more fans posted their own bikini photos, thanking Lovato for her fearlessness and body-positive message.

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