Curly Eyelash Extensions Are the Horrifying New Beauty Trend You Never Asked For

Brace yourselves.

We all want voluminous, curly lashes—but one woman is taking that look to the next level. Instagrammer Sofie Petersen gave just raised the bar for crazy eyelashes. The beauty ‘grammer, who has over 28,000 followers on Instagram, has shared a number of photos of herself donning thick, Brillo Pad–looking lashes and has consequently made us all incredibly uncomfortable.

“When the eyelash curler is broken,” she captioned one particular close-up look at her lashes, with the wacky extension on both her top and bottom lash.

Her posts have received thousands of likes and dozens of comments, but her foray into outrageous eye makeup goes beyond funky lash extensions. She’s also experimented with her look by gluing sticks, mirrors, and even needles to her eyelids.

We’re all for fashion, it’s safe to say that this practice isn’t great for eye health. While more obvious risks include getting some of that material (or a needle) in the eye itself, gluing any object (even false lashes) to your eyelids can take a toll on your natural eyelashes.

“The process of gluing [false lashes] on and removing them can damage your real eyelashes or even result in permanent lash loss,” Roshini Rajapaksa, MD, assistant professor of medicine at the NYU School of Medicine previously told Health. “Eyelash extensions can also lead to an infection of the cornea or eyelid, allergic reactions, or swollen eyelids if you’re sensitive to the adhesive, which can contain irritating chemicals (and the ingredients in the glues and lash removers aren’t strictly regulated).”

Ultimately, Petersen’s looks may be fun for a show, but they should not be tried at home.

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