The $23 CeraVe Skin Renewing Gel Oil 'Instantly Plumps Away Wrinkles,' Shoppers Say

The combination of moisturizing glycerin and ceramide oil keeps skin youthful in dry weather.

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On top of walking through piling snow, publicly skidding across ice, and constantly having a runny nose, people with dry skin have to deal with another winter worry: increased fine lines. While people with oily skin can get by with a dab of moisturizer or some hydrating sunscreen, those with naturally dry skin are trapped in a seasonal struggle to maintain a plump, youthful look (without splurging on overpriced skincare products).

"Winter skin requires hydrating products to make up for moisture loss," Elizabeth Harvey, lead aesthetician at skin-care brand Naturopathica previously told Health. While the first solution to combating fine lines and wrinkles is often to amp up retinoids, accelerated cell turnover can increase dryness and sensitivity. Thankfully, ingredients like those in CeraVe's Skin Renewing Gel Oil smooth out wrinkles while also hydrating skin.

Cerave ceramide gel

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With a combination of gentle ceramide oil gels and glycerin, this renewing gel smoothes wrinkles by restoring moisture. Additionally, naturally occurring lipids like sunflower oil prevent further dryness and dehydration by protecting the skin barrier, which is often ruptured by harsh ingredients found in cleansers and wrinkle creams. Best of all, even customers with dry skin say cold weather is no match for this gel.

"Winters here are very dry, so my skin needs some extra help," one shopper wrote. "I've been using this about 2 months or so at night, and I really think it's softening my wrinkles. I only use a tiny bit in the day when my skin seems really dry."

"About 10 packages and a few years later, it's still my staple!" added another user. "I get compliments all the time on my dewy skin (at 41 years old), but what I really love is the way it feels… It instantly plumps away fine wrinkles and dry patches."While customers with dry skin can't get enough, acne-prone shoppers should keep in mind: this gel may cause breakouts, according to some users. This being said, if you're tired of winter wrinkles but hoping to keep your skin barrier healthy, this anti-aging gel serum is worth checking out.

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