Celebrity Hairstylist Sarah Potempa's Glam Ponytail Will Be Your Go-To Hairstyle This Winter

Exactly how to achieve this sophisticated, accessorized style.

Hair accessories are back—and in a big way. From puffy, pearled headbands to chic tortoise shell clips, adding extra bling to your 'do will instantly vamp up your look. Who better to show us how to accessorize the right way than a celebrity hairstylist? Health spoke to Sarah Potempa to get step by step tips on which accessories will help you get recreate her pretty, playful ponytail.

Potempa starts with a one-inch curler that will add some volume before creating the ponytail. She lifts the root as she curls for added volume, while curling around the hairline. She also recommends leaving the ends uncurled, so that your ponytail will look a bit more relaxed when it's finally pulled back. Potempa uses dry shampoo to help add more volume to the hair, which she says is best when done in layers starting at the root of the hair and moving outwards.

Once you've prepped your hair with curl and volume, you can start to build your ponytail. Potempa recommends leaving a few pieces of hair at the front of your hair down, to create added texture into the final look. To find the perfect height for your particular pony, use Potempa's genius jawline trick. Look in the mirror to find your jawline, and imagine continuing that line until you reach the back of your head. Voilà, you have your perfect ponytail height.

Potempa uses a ponytail cuff to tie together all of the hair back together, which covers the ponytail holder and delivers the first bit of bling. She also adds that another way to create a little extra volume is to add a few curls after your hair is tied back. Pulling at the base of the ponytail can also help give an elevated look to your 'do.

After touching up the loose pieces of hair with the curler, Potempa gets into the glam. She starts by adding a few bedazzled bobby pins to clip back the loose pieces of hair, keeping them at eyebrow height as she secures them in place. You can build on this look by adding more blinged-out bobby pins in a row, giving your hair an eye-catching, red-carpet ready style that is as fashionable as it is functional.

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