The secret to the tricky look has been in your medicine cabinet the whole time.

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Credit: @iamsugarcoated/Instagram

Creating a flawless cat-eye can be a real struggle, even for those of us who have spent years practicing, and hours watching YouTube tutorials. (Just me, then?) If I do manage a perfect winged look, it's as much luck as it is skill. That's why I love this genius hack by beauty blogger Makeup By Sugar: In a video she recently posted on Instagram, she showed how to use a dental floss pick to get the cat-eye of your dreams.

So how does she do it? First, she paints the floss with liquid eyeliner. (We love Revlon ColorStay.) This step needs to be done quickly so the eyeliner stays wet.

Next, she stamps the floss onto her skin to create a tiny diagonal line from the outer corner of her eye. She stamps it again to create a triangle. This is the outline of her flick.

Then she uses the liquid eyeliner to fill in the middle, and draw a line across her lid. And voila! A perfect cat-eye.

Who knew it could be so easy? Best of all, you probably have some dental floss lying around your house or tucked in your glove compartment. One thing to remember: Make sure it's the plain kind.

"Do not use the mint flavor dental floss," Makeup By Sugar cautions in the caption. You don't want anything on the string that might burn or irritate your skin.

So there you have it. An easy (and cheap!) way to nail the cat-eye every single time. For even more ideas on how to put your dental floss to good use (besides, you know, cleaning your teeth), check out these three clever kitchen hacks.