Are men more obsessed with their hair now? Maybe.

By Kelly Bryant,
Updated November 04, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of MIMI/Instagram

As we inch closer to the end of 2015 (where did the time go?), pop culture and trend analysts are busy compiling their best of lists for the year. First out of the gate is Google with their report on 2015's hottest hair searches.

Not at all surprising, bold hair colors (silver, purple, gray and blue) were widely searched, as were a multitude of braid styles (Mohawk, twist, French, box and goddess, to name a few). But here's where it gets interesting – man buns clocked in at the third most searched hair trend spot.

Now this isn't exactly jaw-dropping information considering a graphic design company has been having a heck of a good time photoshopping world leaders with man buns and there is, in fact, a Man Buns of Disneyland Instagram account. But it definitely does say something about the way a dude is grooming himself these days. And we like it.

Google also notes the comb-over is getting a lot of search engine attention, but not the creepy Donald Trump kind. Think Mad Men-style Don Draper action. Now that we can get behind, although it is a drastic departure from the man bun.

So what lies ahead in 2016 for our locks? Only the beauty gods know, but we'll be waiting impatiently to find out.