These 13 Women Prove Every Body Is a Bikini Body

We're loving their inspirational, body-positive messages.

If your feeds are anything like ours, now that spring is officially here, they're filled with strong, body-positive women coming out in full force to change the way people view beauty at the beach. These ladies know it’s an uphill battle, but they are fighting for much-needed acceptance–and. we. are. here. for. it!

From bloggers to entrepreneurs to curvy models, these women don't give the slightest damn about what haters have to say. Here, 13 women who want you to know that if you have a body, then it’s a bikini body.

Gabi Gregg

This blogger and designer is filling the gap in the swimwear market with her GabiFresh collection with Swimsuits for All, providing fashion-forward options for women of all sizes. Surrounded by a group of happy, beautiful women modeling her suits Gabi captions this 'gram, "I'm so proud of this campaign because it includes the nine beautiful women from my open casting call, ranging from size 10-26. It was such an amazing experience to meet and work with all of them, and we had a blast shooting at the Santa Monica Pier.” How do we score an invite to join this awesome girl gang?

Callie Thorpe

We need Callie’s glow, like, yesterday. This gorgeous, confident model and writer encourages followers, “All bodies can wear bikinis, every woman should be able to feel the sunshine on her skin and enjoy a swim in ocean, that is wellness, that is good for you.”

Alexa Phelece

Rocking a sexy cutout swimsuit, the model and influencer writes, “Positivity can be contagious! Surround yourself with positive people!” We couldn’t agree more.

Danielle Vanier

Blogger Danielle opens up about strangers making negative comments directed at her body, telling followers that people have been putting her down her whole life. She’s used to rising above–and will continue to do so. “We've called people out on their fat-shaming shit all holiday, and I will always make sure I do it for as long as I live.”

Hayet Rida

We could not love Hayet any more than we do right now. She is #confidence goals and gives it to us straight, captioning this pic: “Say Helllllo to MY summer body!!! For all the women who are afraid to show your bodies because someone said it wasn't good enough, I wrote this for you!!”

Aliss Bonython

We're obsessed with Aliss's bikini and sneakers beach-day look. She doesn’t hide herself or her past body struggles on social media, writing openly about being happy at any size now. “Wearing my bikini with confidence and pride this summer, come join! My goal in life is to make women appreciate their beauty and normalize all bodies. YOU are beautiful and YOU are worthy, and if I can help you realize that, I will keep going through everything.” Amen.


Editor Sam lets us know that positive body image starts with each one of us. It’s up to us to decide to recognize our beauty and that of people different from us. She writes, “Being #plussize doesn't stop me from enjoying activities in my swimwear no matter where I am in the world. So here's a pic, not edited in any way (like all my pics) you can choose to see the cellulite, arm fat and lumps on my size 18-20 body but I CHOOSE to see a woman enjoying the Budapest thermal baths, in a colorful swimsuit not caring about the opinions of others.”

Tanesha Awasthi

The Girl With Curves founder celebrated a 2016 Swimsuits for All body positivity campaign, writing, “Sharing #MySwimBody in honor of @swimsuitsforall's body positivity campaign, in hopes of encouraging you all to do the same!” She radiates strength and happiness.

Chanté Burkett

Influencer and entrepreneur Chanté is not afraid of the taboo behind talking about one’s weight and swimsuit size. She shows confidence and shares shopping tips–and we love her for it. Hashtagging her post with “effyourbeautystandards,” we are bowing down to this boss.

Miho Fuji

Poised and fearless, actress, model, and comedian Miho captions her 'gram: “Confidence is the best accessory.” She clearly talks the talk and walks the walk.

Teagan Brooke

Body positivity doesn't happen overnight, and we love model Teagan for detailing how she has come to love a part of her that she originally viewed as flawed. “As I've matured and grown to love my body unconditionally, the most difficult challenge for me was to embrace my tummy. Not only do I see the woman's belly as the source of life, but also the full soft belly is an extremely sensual area to cherish during love making, for the belly holds the energy for self-worth.”

Dana Patterson

We could all learn a lot about self-love from Dana. The model opened up in a recent pic: “I love showing my unwavering love for every part of my body. My back rolls, my chickenpox scars, my scars from volleyball, imperfect skin, acne, rashes etc. What I most enjoy about my platform is being honest, and not sugar-coating body image/body positivity.”

Loey Lane

This inspirational YouTuber shook us up. Loey writes, “In EVERY stage your body lands in, whether you’re thin, fit, curvy, plus-size, or anywhere in-between... You are worthy of love in all forms, and it starts with appreciating and loving yourself.” Loey Lane for president, people.

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