Known for her extensive cosmetics line, Brown is now taking her focus elsewhere: beauty from the inside out.

By Lisa DeSantis
April 19, 2018
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Skincare and makeup are great—and while they can make a heck of a difference in your appearance, outer beauty also starts on the inside. Everything you ingest plays a role in how you look.Drink too many margaritas? Your puffy face is going to give it away in the morning. Binge on sugary snacks? You might notice a few new breakouts crop up. With this in mind, makeup artist Bobbi Brown set out to create EVOLUTION 18, a new line that embodies what she believes will help improve overall health.

If you've ever read one of Brown's eight (!) books, you know that her approach to beauty has a lot to do with this inside-to-outside correlation, and her line fittingly offers ingestibles like protein powder and supplements.

"I approached this line the same way I did my makeup line," Brown says. "I didn’t sit there and look at the trends or go with what the lab suggested, instead I started thinking of what was missing. These are supplements to give you a beauty boost from within. Using the purest (and most delicious) ingredients, EVOLUTION 18 was created for creating gorgeous skin and hair, strong bones and an overall glow."

The line includes four different products: a whey protein powder called Afternoon Chocolate ($66;; a Vanilla Collagen Shake ($53; intended to be an evening snack; probiotics packaged in a convenient stick ($39;; and a hair and nail growth supplement called Strength ($40;

If these products are anything like her makeup line, we expect them to fly off the shelves in no time.