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This oil—yes, an oil—can help reduce redness, inflammation, and even erase blemishes. Intriguing, eh? Here’s everything you need to know about blue tansy, plus the best products that include the superhero ingredient.

By Arielle Franklin
April 24, 2018

Breakouts, dryness, bug bites—sometimes your skin just needs to chill out. But when it comes to relieving flare-ups, finding the right treatment is no easy task. If you're trying to soothe irritation—whether it's blemishes or windburn—and simultaneously fight signs of aging, there's one powerful ingredient you should have in your skincare arsenal: blue tansy.

Thanks to its striking hue, there’s a good chance you’ve already noticed blue tansy products on store shelves. Beyond being pleasant to the eye, though, the bright shade is one reason why the ingredient is so impressive. "The essential oil’s gorgeous, deep indigo color reveals itself only upon distillation, where it naturally produces a component called chamazulene," explains Michelle Gilbert, a holistic aromatherapist based in Cleveland, Ohio. "It’s this very transformation that gives us much of its therapeutic benefit."

Blue tansy is a potent anti-inflammatory that helps reduce the appearance of redness and settle irritation, explains Patricia Wexler, MD, a New York City dermatologist. A natural multitasker, this calming essential oil can help mitigate various skin concerns, she says, including eczema and acne.

"Its cooling, calming nature is a terrific support for angry, irritated conditions," adds Gilbert, explaining that since it's packed with antioxidants, it's also a good choice for mature skin.

Here, our favorite blue tansy skincare products to help you tap into the ingredient's powerful benefits.

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