Updated July 14, 2017

We’re suckers for a fresh face, but every now and then, it pays to be bold with your beauty choices. Whether you stay classic and go for a sultry cat-eye or bump things up with red eyeshadow (yep, that’s a trend), taking chances with your makeup can help you feel like you’ve revamped your whole look—even if you’ve only used a couple of new products.

Because we’re all for trying something new, we enlisted a professional makeup artist to show us how to rock a bright blue look we’d actually want to wear out of the house. For date night or a girls’ night, this vibrant eyeshadow pick is perfect for an evening out. Bonus: it complements a wide range of eye colors, making pupils of all shades pop.

WATCH THE VIDEO: How to Contour Your Eyes

In this video, we’ll show you how to apply blue eyeshadow so it looks salon-done every time. Plus, we’ll give you tips on what types of blush and lip products to pair with the striking shadow so it all balances out. Want to bump up your beauty regimen for a special occasion? Now you can with this eyeshadow tutorial!

  1. Prep the eyes with foundation and powder. Apply to the eyelids as well as the inside corners of the eyes.
  2. Apply a bright blue shadow to the eyelids using a small fluffy brush.
  3. Add shadow below the eyes, stopping before you reach the inner corners. This helps make the eyes appear even bigger and brighter.
  4. Apply liquid foundation to the rest of the face. Not sure how? Check out our tutorial for the best way to put on liquid foundation here.
  5. Use powder to set the foundation. Doing so will diminish shine.
  6. Fill in the eyebrows with a pencil. Because brows are everything.
  7. Choose a subtle pink matte blush. The soft color will complement the strong blue eye makeup.
  8. Finish with a rose lip. The subdued color will keep the focus on the eyes.