Not your average tips.

By Alyssa Clough,
Updated October 09, 2015
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Sometimes it feels like beauty is all about tips and tricks. Whether it's editors and experts giving advice on how to achieve the pur-fect cat eye or yet another way you can shorten your morning routine—there's always something. But have you ever wondered about the tricks beauty editors don'twrite about?

After admitting my own beauty secret that errs on the side of weird, MIMI rounded up all of Time Inc. beauty editors' best—and perhaps most odd—beauty tricks. Read below to discover how beauty editors multitask and get ready in a pinch.

Lindsay Dreyer, MIMI Senior Editor

"The life of a digital editor is pretty hectic and you don't always have a lot of time to work out. To keep my arms toned, I get in a few bicep and tricep curls while drying my hair, using the blowdryer like a dumbbell. It's a win-win!"

Angelique Serrano, InStyle Beauty Director

"Most mornings, I work a curling iron through my hair to give it a beachy wave. I'll apply a sheet mask and wear it while I curl my hair, then throw out the mask when I'm done (in about 10 minutes). For sheet masks, I love the ones from SKII and Dr. Jart."

Thatiana Díaz, People En Español Fashion and Beauty Assistant

"Left over plastic bags? Cure your cracked feet by rubbing olive oil on them then insert your feet into plastic bag and tie. I usually leave it on while I clean the house or during one of my Netflix binges."

"I use music as a timer while wanding my hair. Every time the song goes into the next part of the song whether it be the next verse or the chorus, I go onto the next piece. "

Deanne Kaczerski, MIMI Editorial Director

"I use my Crest Spinbrush Pro to exfoliate hard to reach places—with a different, soft bristle head, of course."

Holly Carter, People StyleWatch Beauty Director

"I maintain my blowout by sleeping in a tight, silky skull cap. It's not pretty, but my 'do stays fresh."

Ursula Carranza, People En Español Fashion and Beauty Director

"When I'm in a rush in the morning and want to create the 'no makeup' makeup look, I use the same concealer I'm using under my eyes on my lids in lieu of an eye shadow. It gives it a nice finish and still looks more polished than not having anything at all."

"When I am out in the streets and my baby hair starts to get frizzy, I apply a little bit of lip balm to tame it down. Works every time."

Jacqueline Gifford, Travel + Leisure Senior Travel & Beauty Editor

"I always schedule one of my biannual dentist visits on my birthday. Because who doesn't want to celebrate with sparkly teeth?"

"I also am not ashamed to admit that I take hotel soaps that I've used for a couple of days but have barely made a dent in. Though some hotels recycle, others don't. No sense in letting a fresh soap go to waste: I wrap it in a kleenex and bring it home."

Holly Dawsey, Health & All You Senior Beauty Editor

"Confession: I don't wash my face every night (enter beauty editor shame). It's the ultimate skin-care sin, but some nights, I'm just too tired for all that sink time. In order to skip the rinse without risking raccoon eyes or blemishes come morning, I keep two types of facial wipes in my nightstand: First, I use a gentle makeup removing towelette to erase foundation and eye makeup. Then I do a once-over with a cleansing wipe that contains salicylic acid to help unclog pores. Squeaky clean? Maybe not—but it's better than nothing"

Hallie Gould, MIMI Beauty Editor

"When I have something that I want to look especially good for, I'll do my hair the day before for added texture. My hair looks best slept on. Sorry, Mom…"

Jenny Jin, Real Simple Associate Beauty Editor

"Before I shave, I slather on a hair mask and use that time to let it fully absorb. I also like to balance my weight on whichever leg I'm shaving to get a mini lower body workout in. It's essentially a single-leg squat, and I definitely feel a burn towards the end. Note: This only happens every two weeks or so, but every little bit counts, right?"

Alyssa Clough, MIMI Assistant Beauty Editor

"Not to toot my own horn, but people are always asking how I keep my teeth so white. My secret? I really just love to brush my them. For the past year, I've been multitasking and timing my brush session by how long it takes me to scroll through the Instagrams I missed overnight. Effective and entertaining."

Heather Muir, Real Simple Beauty Director

"I'm addicted to misting my face during work. I keep Glossier Rosewater Face Mist beside my computer and spritz it on my skin every 10 emails or so (I go through about a bottle a month)—I credit it to my glowy skin & my sanity during stressful days."

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