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By Kathleen Felton
July 17, 2018
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This is a PSA: Stop what you're doing and go to to stock up on Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water. There are a lot of amazing skincare deals on the beauty retailer's site right now as part of their Prime Day sale, but this is one item I'll be stocking up on in bulk.

Let me explain. Despite working at Health, where we have often raved about micellar water's benefits—it gently tones and cleanses without disrupting skin's natural oil barrier—I never used the stuff until recently. To be honest, I assumed it would be a totally unnecessary step in my skincare routine, which already had too many steps. But after trying the French brand's much-raved-about Sensibio H2O, I realized how wrong I was.


One cotton ball soaked with this cult favorite micellar water instantly cuts through all my makeup (including heavy eye makeup), leaving behind skin that feels soft, moisturized, and clean. I've tried other liquid makeup removers in the past, and they always seemed to sting my eyes—but this super-lightweight, hypoallergenic formula doesn't cause any irritation whatsoever. I now use it every night as the first step in my double-cleansing routine (I follow with Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9, a jelly cleanser that's also incredibly gentle). I'm convinced that this regimen has drastically reduced my breakouts, probably since I'm now getting every last bit of makeup, sweat, and general New York City gunk off my skin each night.

Luckily, the price is pretty reasonable already ($15 for a 16.7 oz. bottle, which lasts me a long time). But you can save another 30% during Prime Day, meaning now is a great time to stock up.