Billie's New Razor Ad Actually Shows Female Pubic Hair—and It's About Time

It might be the first-ever ad to put pubic hair in the spotlight.

The typical female razor ad features already hairless models pretending to shave by gliding a blade over their perfectly sleek skin. How relatable (she says with abounding sarcasm).

But last year, shaving brand Billie said no to the status quo and decided to showcase ads with real women shaving real body hair (cue round of applause). Now the brand is taking it to the next level. Its latest campaign, "Red, White, And You Do You," spotlights women of all shapes and sizes flaunting their fuzz below the belt. That's right—a razor ad featuring actual pubic hair. Say it with us. Actual. Pubic. Hair.



Media reports have called it the first-ever razor ad campaign to show female pubic hair, but we wouldn't be surprised if the company has started a movement. Just a few months after Billie released Project Body Hair last summer, other brands, like Gillette Venus and Walmart's Joy, followed suit.

Body hair has been having a moment these days. Remember when Madonna's daughter, Lourdes Leon, strutted the red carpet with her armpit and leg hair on full display? Or when the camera not-so-subtly zoomed in on Janelle Monéa's pubic hair in her PYNK music video?

Bottom line: Seeing any body hair—pubic or otherwise—in an ad shouldn't be any bigger a deal than seeing the hair on a person's head. It's still unusual to catch sight of women with tufts of pubic hair in an ad campaign, but brands like Billie are propelling us forward and making it more normal.

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