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After testing five drugstore waxes and razors, Health's social media editor names her top pick, and ranks the rest.

I've been getting professional bikini waxes once a month since 2013, and at $50 a pop (including tip—always tip well for hair removal!), it recently hit me that I've shelled out more than $1,800 in the name of hair removal. So when my editor asked for a volunteer to test out DIY de-fuzzing methods, I jumped at the chance. Over the course of several weeks, I tried out five bikini line hair removal methods—traditional razors, wax kits, trimmers, and next-level hair-removal gadgets—to find the products that would help me feel confident during short-shorts and bikini season (is it me, or do swimsuit bottoms keep getting lower and lower?). Read on to see how they stacked up. 

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