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Full, polished arches are in! Score the look with pointers from Hollywood brow pro Kristie Streicher.

The in-demand brow is full and low-maintenance—a dream for lazy girls. "You're always going to look best with what you have naturally, instead of arches that were plucked into submission," says Kristie Streicher, an eyebrow specialist and co-owner of Striiike, a beauty bar in Los Angeles. "Overall, it's a soft, feathery vibe that's so much more flattering than the overwaxed and overtrimmed version that used to be big."


Streicher is known for her signature "feathered brow" technique, and has tended the arches of Gwyneth Paltrow, Emily Blunt, and Adele. Here, her best tips for getting better brows, fast. 

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