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Happy National Watermelon Day!

National Watermelon Day is here, so it’s time I finally admit to everyone that I am a watermelon fanatic. My favorite food in the world is watermelon (yes, really). My favorite artificial candy flavor is watermelon. I even like drinking that Beyoncé-backed WTRMLN WTR. I'm completely obsessed with watermelon—but I know I’m definitely not the only one.

Starting with the release of Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Sleeping Mask ($45, back in 2017, the skincare industry has latched onto watermelon (also known as Citrullus Lanatus) as the star ingredient in a plethora of products. From butt sheet masks to moisturizers to brightening primers, it’s everywhere. But what exactly are the benefits of watermelon in skincare products?

“In general, watermelon is a fruit that is incredibly hydrating.  At over 90% water, watermelon has the hydration that our skin could use more of,” said Julia Tzu, MD, dermatologist and founder of Wall Street Dermatology in New York City. “In addition there are, as in many fruits and vegetables, a variety of antioxidants that have anti-aging and pro-circulatory properties.”

Dr. Tzu isn’t the only expert to point out the benefits of watermelon in beauty products. Debra Jaliman, MD, a dermatologist based in NYC, adds that watermelon is rich in vitamins A,B, and C, and lycopene, which “gives the fruit its deep red color” and “can help protect your skin against wrinkling and aging.”

But with so many beauty items adorned in bright, adorable cartoons of watermelon, you can’t help but wonder if it’s all a marketing ploy. While Dr. Tzu notes that it’s definitely an industry trend to jump between the newest fruit or vegetables that “we all become obsessed over for its health or anti-aging properties,” both Dr. Jaliman and Dr. Tzu agree that watermelon is actually  a beneficial ingredient in skincare.

Of course, not all watermelon beauty products are created equal. While the watermelon-flavored LipSmackers of our youth once did the job, there’s now an entire market of masks, moisturizers, primers, serums, and cleansers packed with watermelon’s hydrating benefits for every skincare fanatic to take advantage of. So to make your latest skincare discovery just a little bit easier to shop for, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best watermelon beauty products to buy today in honor of National Watermelon Day. Scroll on to celebrate the holiday with ultra-hydrated and glow-y skin!

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