Do You Really Need a 'Beauty Fridge'? Here's What Experts Say

Mini fridge for your skincare products: Totally worth it, or completely unnecessary? Dermatologists weigh in on the trend.

If, like me, you spend way too much time and money thinking about skincare, And, anyone who follows a lot of beauty accounts on Instagram is probably familiar with the #minifridgeshelfie. A mini fridge is an adorably tiny fridge usually curated with "gram-worthy" skincare essentials. It's probably millennial pink, and chances are it contains some candy-colored Drunk Elephant bottles, a sheet mask or two, and an artfully posed jade roller. Imagine, a mini fridge devoted to your most precious serums and creams is probably the ultimate luxury. But do you actually need a mini fridge for your skincare products?

When a Mini Fridge for Skincare Products Is Good

Keeping skincare cold "is not really necessary," says Howard Sobel, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist. "There is no difference in the actual properties and benefits."

Popping certain products in the fridge could deliver some bonus perks. "[It] does add an extra calming effect to face masks, moisturizers, and creams, which is especially helpful when treating irritated skin," says Dr. Sobel.

He recommends stashing face masks—"those with cooling ingredients, like mint, feel nice when cold." You may also want to stash eye cream in it. "[Eye cream] can minimize puffiness for under-eye bags." Another possibility is keeping your moisturizers in the fridge.

Cold serums might also help calm inflamed acne bumps, he adds, as well as any formula that contains aloe; when cold, the ingredient can be incredibly soothing.

The specific ingredients in your products are important to consider, too, says Debra Jaliman, MD, another New York City dermatologist and author of Skin Rules.

"Refrigerating products may help extend their shelf life," she tells us. That includes vitamin C, retinol, and benzoyl peroxide formulas. These ingredients "should not be kept in warm environments," Dr. Jaliman explains, and refrigerating them could keep them stable longer.

But, some products might be better kept at room temperature, like your makeup. "It doesn't really make a difference in the application or effectiveness," he Dr. Sobel.

Types of Mini Fridges

Ready to become a beauty fridge convert? The brand you frequently see on Instagram is Cooluli; their 4-, 10-, and 15-liter mini fridges come in an array of fun colors. The company even offers a black-and-white—cow-patterned—design. Inside, the fridge compartment is 8.3 inches tall and there is a removable rack and a door compartment that will allow you to separate your products. There is a small inset handle built into the top of the unit that lets you carry or move it.

Another good choice is the Chefman Mini Fridge, it also has a little handle on top, making it easy to move around your house or carry with you. The Chefman fridge can be switched to a warming unit if you want to stash warm towels in there. It cools to 44°F and heats to 140°F. Chefman also offers a model that gets extra cold. Here, the interior is 7.5 inches tall and includes a removable storage shelf. Because it's so portable, this fridge also gets rave reviews from moms who use it to store baby bottles.

If you prefer to gaze upon your Drunk Elephant bottles at all times, we also love this retro-inspired Uber Appliance mini fridge. It's slightly more expensive but it features a glass door so you can see the contents. Plus it comes in a sleek metallic finish. This unit cools and warms—45°F and 150°F, respectively—from ambient room temperature.


So, if you tend to use skincare formulas that have a shorter shelf life, enjoy the feeling of something cold on your face—who doesn't?—and, crucially, if you have extra space in your bathroom, a mini fridge devoted to skincare might be worth having.

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