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Starting at $5 a tube, these are the lipsticks editors swear are so worth it.

By Susan Brickell
July 29, 2019

ICYMI, National Lipstick Day is here, which gives you the perfect excuse (read: opportunity) to flaunt your favorite lip color. Is a subtle nude lip your go-to? Pucker up. Prefer a bold red? Paint it on. Never imagined that you could pull off a dark plum or neon coral? Today is the day, people. While it’s not quite an official holiday—beauty bloggers, influencers, “it” girls, and cosmetic companies started celebrating it over a decade ago—we won’t pass on a fun day dedicated to celebrating color and individualism. 

Whether you’re trying new shades or sticking to your favorites, you can also score some amazing deals on discounted lipsticks for a limited time. Macy’s is giving away free full-size lipsticks with any $25 MAC Cosmetics purchase while supplies last. Other brands and stores participating in National Lipstick Day include Tarte, Ulta, Tatcha, and Target—so you’re bound to find some flattering shades you love.

Not sure where to start? We asked Health staffers to reveal their all-time favorite lipsticks. Here, eight they said were so worth the splurge.

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