The 15 Best Lip Balms Our Editors Actually Swear By

Kick dry, chapped lips to the curb with these Health editor-tested products.

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If you suffer from stubborn chapped lips, there's no greater victory than discovering the perfect lip balm. But as you likely already know, not every formula is created equal. Finding the best lip balm involves some trial and error, as many popular balms, glosses, and salves actually contain irritating agents that can exacerbate dryness, flakiness, and inflammation. Even with the perfect combination of ingredients, a lip balm's texture can still rub your skin the wrong way and result in an uncomfortable sticky or sliimy feeling.

Tired of being let down by lip balms that leave your pout feeling drier instead of softer? We're here to help. Our editors have each had their share of lip balm letdowns and are sharing their all-time favorite formulas, which cover a variety of concerns and preferences. Keep scrolling to learn more about our selection process and see which ones topped the list.

How we chose the best lip balms

Many of us have had the privilege of testing a number of different lip balms thanks to our job as editors. With each sample, we pay close attention to the ingredients, how they perform together, and how they impacted the softness, dryness, and overall condition of our lips. Then, we factor in the lip balm's texture and wear, eliminating ones that felt tacky, sticky, or greasy. But of course, all of our preferences differ, creating a vast variety of options for you to explore. Some opted for thick and moisture-heavy formulas, while others preferred a barely-there, no-shine feel that could be worn alone undetected. There are plenty of scented picks for those who like sweet-smelling lip balms, as well as overnight treatment masks to repair and nourish cracked lips in need of deep conditioning. You'll also find our choices for the best tinted lip balms, which will delight fans of hydrating lip care products that also impart a subtle wash of color.

Below, the best lip treatments that will leave your pout silky-smooth and never dried-out, as well as testimonials from Health editors on why these formulas are their favorites.

Best Overall: Laneige Lip Mask

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Ranking in at number one among Health's team of editors, the Laneige Lip Mask blankets a dry pout in rich moisture using a combination of shea butter, murumuru seed butter, and candelilla wax. In fact, it's formulated to form an 8-hour time-release moisturizing layer over your skin, which results in long-lasting softness, suppleness, and hydration.

"Prior to finding this 'hero' lip mask, my lips were always chapped. In the winter, especially, they would get dry and painfully cracked no matter how much ChapStick I slathered on throughout the day. Enter the life-changing magic of the Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask. I put a thick coat of this on at night before I go to bed and my lips are soft and hydrated all day long. I rarely even feel the need to keep a ChapStick or lip balm in my purse anymore. This is one of those products I always use down to the very last drop." —Hannah Freedman, e-commerce content strategy manager

Best Runner-Up: Glossier Balm Dotcom

Best Lip Balms

Another top pick from Health's editors, this social media-favorite lip balm is formulated with a trio of moisture-locking ingredients: castor oil, beeswax, and lanolin. Together, they quench dryness, smooth the skin, and give stressed-out pouts a healthy glow. Balm Dotcom's thick waxy-like texture instantly softens and soothes, and the best part is that users have their choice of nine unique flavors and tints. "My lips are chronically cracked, but when I use Balm Dotcom regularly, they're softer than ever—even a little plumper, too," says Laura Gurfein, senior editor.

E-commerce editor Erin Mayer adds, "It really coats the lips and seals in moisture. Plus, it's not too glossy, so depending on which flavor or finish you choose, it doesn't interfere too much with other lip products."

Best for Cracked Lips: Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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"I cannot live without my tube of Aquaphor! I knew I found the holy grail of lip care when my grandmother's oncologist recommended this healing ointment that my dermatologist had also raved about (cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy often experience nose bleeds and dry skin, so it works for that too). It's the only product I've ever used that actually provides long-term relief and heals my lips; it does more than temporarily relieve dryness. It's affordable, I can find it at almost any drugstore if I forget to pack it, and it actually makes my lips look healthier and dewier, too. I swear (and your dermatologist probably will too) that truly nothing works better at relieving dry, chapped, blistering lips like this balm!" —Jessica Leigh Mattern, senior Amazon e-commerce editor

Best Drugstore: Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

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"I've been obsessed with Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm for over six years now. It's always my go-to and I pretty much feel lost when I don't have a stick in my purse or gym bag. I love it because it's not shiny or goopy; it's just a simple, easy balm that keeps my lips hydrated and moisturized. I've tried many different varieties of Burt's Bees, but my favorite is still the classic—it has a hint of peppermint oil, which leaves a nice refreshing feeling on my lips. Plus it's made with all-natural ingredients, so I can feel as good about my purchase as my lips do." —Kristine Thomason, former assistant editor

Health editors also love the tinted version of the Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, especially in the shade Red Dahlia. "The tinted one has just the right texture so it glides on smoothly and feels light on your lips," says former deputy editor Jeannie Kim. "It's got all-natural ingredients and a hint of scent, and the tint is just enough to look polished but not so much that you have to use a mirror to put it on. I keep one in every bag so I always have it handy."

Best Softening: Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith's Rosebud Salve

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"This is such a treasure in the winter," Melissa Chavez, senior content strategy manager, says of this petroleum-based balm. "I can't stand chapped or dry lips during these months so I slather it on at night and dab throughout the day. I used to use the tins, but after the pandemic, I didn't want to use my finger and then touch my lips, so this tube was the perfect solution."

Lifestyle writer Nina Huang prefers the brand's Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm Tint, noting, "I used to have to cover both my lips in a tub of Vaseline at night to keep them from drying and cracking, until I came across this little strawberry-scented miracle balm. It leaves my lips super soft without feeling sticky, and smells as good as my favorite strawberry ice cream. Even Beyoncé is a fan of Rosebud's lip balm and who am I to argue with her?"

Best for Fast Relief: Lanolips Lanostick in Coconutter

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The Lanolips Lanostick Coconutter balm quickly hydrates, and repairs chapped lips using key ingredients like lanolin, beeswax, castor seed oil, mango seed butter, and jojoba oil. The vitamin E-rich lip treatment promotes a healthier pout and is designed to lock in moisture for hours on end.

"​​​​It's super moisturizing and provides hours of relief from dry, cracked lips, especially during the winter. I love that it comes in a convenient container that twists up like lipstick, so you can put the balm directly on your lips." —Christie Calucchia, lifestyle e-commerce lead

Best Without Beeswax: Hello Moisturizing Vegan Lip Balm

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Fans of beeswax-free lip balms will enjoy this vegan-friendly formula from Hello, which doesn't contain petroleum or parabens; it's also earned a seal of approval from Health editors for its soothing properties. Coconut oil comes together with shea butter to condition dry lips and repair damage, all while ensuring eight hours of endless hydration. Plus, it's water-resistant for up to 80 minutes and protects your lips from the sun with SPF 15.

Best 2-in-1: Dr. PawPaw Scrub & Nourish

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This pick comes recommended by e-commerce lead Braelyn Wood and is a must-have for anyone that struggles with flakiness. Its two-in-one design will fulfill your lip exfoliating and hydrating needs at once. Start with the sugar scrub to buff away dead skin cells, then follow up with the restorative balm to moisturize. Both contain vitamin-rich ingredients like nourishing papaya, softening olive oil, soothing aloe vera, and conditioning castor oil.

Best Soothing: Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Best Lip Balms

The Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm soothes dry, chapped skin with mint, shea butter, and vitamin E. The fan-favorite lip product is also formulated with green tea extract, which helps repair damage and reduce irritation, and offers SPF 25 to protect from the sun.

"It goes on smooth, smells delicious, and has the added bonus of having SPF in it which we often neglect to put on our lips. My surfing sister-in-law was so impressed because the balms she uses to protect her lips in the sun are so thick and chalky. The tube is easy to squeeze and I don't have to apply it with my fingers; I love this for the wintertime when I'm wearing gloves and need a quick swipe." —Ruby Grais, product reviews coordinator

Best Healing: Cocokind Mymatcha All-Over Moisture Stick

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As its name suggests, the MyMatcha All-Over Moisture Stick is a versatile skincare product that restores moisture wherever your skin needs it. For some, it can be used to reduce dark circles and under-eye puffiness thanks to its caffeine- and matcha-rich formula. But for Health editors, it works best as a lip balm for cracked, chapped skin.

"I have dermatillomania, a compulsive skin-picking disorder that means as soon as my lips chap, I have the deep urge to pick at the dry skin and leave bloody lips in my wake (not cute). I keep Cocokind's Moisture Stick on hand to get ahead of dry skin both on my lips and all over my face, since a single swipe of the three-ingredient formula keeps dryness at bay for hours." —Rachel Nussbaum, senior beauty e-commerce writer

Best for Dry, Chapped Lips: Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter

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Petroleum jelly and cocoa butter come together to transform dry pouts in this nourishing formula from a classic brand. Vaseline's balm instantly hydrates and soothes chapped, irritated lips, but most importantly, it locks in moisture to prevent future dryness.

"I have a bad habit of picking at my lips when they're chapped, and the Vaseline Lip Therapy is by far the best lip balm for hydrating them back to life and preventing my lips from getting to that point (if I'm diligent about using it). It also comes in aloe vera, original unscented, and tinted rosy pink versions. I've tried them all and they're great, but the cocoa butter is my favorite. It smells amazing and makes my lips look enhanced yet very natural. It's also a great base to put on before lip color."—Amina Lake Abdelrahman, product reviews writer

Best Anti-Aging: Dermelect Smooth Supple Lip Mask Melt

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A leave-on mask that can be used anytime your pout needs a little TLC, the Dermelect Smooth Supple Lip Mask Melt smooths fine lines and brightens discoloration while locking in hydration. A soothing formula of evening primrose oil, Abyssinian oil, and jojoba oil prevent future dryness and flakiness.

"It feels like a dream on my lips, and keeps them plump, hydrated, and smooth all season long. The generous size goes a long way and feels like a treat every time I apply (and reapply.) It has a pretty sheer pink color and absorbs beautifully, giving the lips a nice, healthy sheen that isn't tacky or overly greasy—almost like a lip balm." —Jennifer Chan, e-commerce editor

Best Scent: Fenty Beauty Pro Kiss'r Luscious Lip Balm

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Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty's Pro Kiss'r Luscious Lip Balm ensures that everyone can achieve soft, kissable lips with its ultra-conditioning formula of shea and mango seed butters. Perfect on its own or for pre-lipstick prep, the creamy-yet-lightweight balm leaves your lips moisturized without feeling greasy, and has a deliciously sweet scent.

"This is the only glossy lip balm that hasn't left my lips feeling sticky or tacky. The peachy-vanilla scent feels like a treat every time I open it, and the formula's silky-smooth texture instantly revives my dry lips. I'm also a big fan of this lip balm for its packaging. Between the doe-foot applicator and the lip gloss-inspired handle, you have total control and you're able to get every inch of your lips; no messes! I recommend starting with the Pro Kiss'r Lip-Loving Scrubstick, which has a unique bullet applicator, and then using the lip balm for your softest lips ever—especially before lipstick." —Emily Belfiore, buying guides writer

Best SPF: Everyday Humans SPF30 Milky Lip Balm

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Everyday Humans

Mineral sunscreens are notorious for leaving a chalky white cast, especially in lip balm form. But the SPF 30 Milky Lip Balm—recommended by Belfiore—reinvents the category with its smooth-gliding formula that draws inspiration from the richness of oat milk lattes. Inside, 8% zinc-based mineral sunscreen protects your lips from the sun, while oat extract and blue agave use their anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and repair. Shea butter, jojoba, and argan oils restore moisture to dry lips and leave them softer and more voluminous. Fans of oat milk lattes will notice that the editor-approved lip balm has the same sweet flavor as their go-to caffeine drink.

Best Tinted: Kosas LipFuel Active Lip Balm

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Created for people on the go, the LipFuel Active Lip Balm revives your skin with an ultra-hydrating dose of hyaluronic acid. It's formulated with invigorating mint and nourishing konjac root, which translates to smoother, softer, and plumper lips. Users have their choice of three neutral shades: rush (a cool pink), pulse (a spicy red-orange), or—Belfiore's favorite flow (a warm beige). Each tint glides easily across your lips to deposit the perfect wash of color and is housed in a special applicator that allows you to reach every corner of your pout.

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