We swear by these sub-$10 shampoos for shiny, healthy hair. 

By Evin Billington
October 15, 2019

When it comes to beauty products, sometimes you need to spend a little extra to get the quality you’re looking for. Or do you? Suave says no in its new campaign published yesterday on YouTube. The drugstore brand gave its shampoos a package redesign and a new name—Evaus (that's "Suave," backwards)—and sent it off to beauty bloggers to test. The women were charmed by the minimalist millennial pink labeling, and filmed their rave reviews for what they thought was an Evaus commercial. After their testimonials, the producers revealed that what they tested was actually just plain old Suave. Cue the shock!


Truth is, Suave is on to something. An informal poll of Health staffers revealed most of us don’t bother to shell out for pricey shampoos, and instead opt for sub-$10 drugstore brands. And our hair looks healthy, shiny, and strong, if we do say so ourselves. Check out our favorites below.

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