These all-in-one kits are great for makeup newbies and die-hard beauty lovers alike.

By Bella Gerard
January 04, 2018

Finding new beauty products can be a tricky task. Newbies may not know where to begin—what kinds of products they need or like, or which brands appeal to them—while die-hard beauty fans might feel overwhelmed, like there’s simply too much out there to possibly know what to prioritize trying.


Enter curated beauty kits, one of the hottest beauty trends for 2018, according to Pinterest. The social network has seen a 147% increase in saves for "makeup kits" on the site in the past year, and we can see why: All-in-one kits allow users to test new brands and get a feel for their effectiveness, as well as save money by testing travel-sized items before splurging on a full-size pick. Below, some of our favorite sets that are great for both first-timers and die-hard beauty lovers looking to try something new.

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