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Get ready to fall in love with bar soap all over again: these new varieties cleanse and soften skin with ingredients like argan oil and activated charcoal.

November 15, 2016

If you're a bit bored of sudsing up with liquid body wash, you're in luck—suddenly, bar soaps are everywhere again. Fans of bar soap love that these products tend to last a long time in your shower and have seriously moisturizing formulas. And with luxe packaging and unique ingredients like argan oil and activated charcoal, the newest bar soaps aren't quite like the ones your mom used to use. These varieties will leave skin feeling clean, super-soft, and never dried-out, even during the coldest winter months. As a bonus, they smell incredible, so you'll feel like you just came from a day at the spa. Here, three of our top picks to get your hands on this winter.

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