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Strands stay smooth, sleek, and flyaway-free.

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As the temperature rises, so does frizz. On a humid summer day, your perfectly blown-out mane can turn into a hot mess as soon as you step out from the air conditioning. A crown of stubborn flyaways can totally ruin all aspirations for smooth and sleek strands, but luckily, there are plenty of frizzy hair products on the market that will effectively fight them. From anti-frizz sprays to styling creams, serums, and even shampoos and conditioners, sometimes your hair just needs a little help to stay grounded. 

But before we dive into how to control frizz, it’s helpful to discuss how it’s formed. “It can be given to us by nature or happen from heat styling and hair color damage,” said expert colorist and editorial stylist Jeremy Tardo. Curly and wavy hair types are most prone to frizz, but no texture is really safe from pesky flyaways, especially if your hair is dry. 

“A lot of the time, your hair is frizzy because it is lacking moisture," said celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble. Thirsty, dry hair—whether naturally dehydrated or damaged by heat, friction, color treating, or UV rays—seeks moisture from any source, so the drier your hair is, the more likely it is to absorb humidity from the surrounding atmosphere. That sudden surge of atmospheric moisture disrupts your hair’s internal hydrogen bonds, causing its fibers to disperse in multiple directions. At face level, you’ll see strands lift as curls shrink and lose their bouncy definition.

Want curls that are soft and defined—not frizzy? To avoid hair-raising experiences and fight back against frizz, we enlisted the help of top hairstylists. Below, they reveal the best anti-frizz products so you can have smooth, flyaway-free hair year-round. 


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