Whether you're looking to splurge or to save, Amazon has a high-quality blow dryer to suit your needs. 

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Finding the best hair dryer for you is one of the most difficult beauty decisions you can make. It must be powerful and hot enough to take your hair from soaking wet to perfectly dry and styled in minimal time, but not so hot that the tool damages your precious locks. And depending on your hair type, the right dryer for you may be different than the best tool for your friend. Problem is, hair dryers are typically a bit more expensive than, say, lipsticks or eyeshadows, making it tough to test them out without potentially losing some cash (and yeah, you could try taking your rejects back to the store, but not all retailers will allow you to return a used item). That's why we asked Amazon for their top-selling hair dryers, and scoured the reviews for insight from the thousands of other women who've already tried them out. From a $10 no-frills tool to an innovative brush-dryer combo that promises a perfect at-home blowout, here are the five best selling hair dryers you can buy on Amazon.

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