We dare you to look at these photos without ordering a tube for yourelf.

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When an iconic company like Benefit launches a new product, it’s normal to see your favorite beauty bloggers post their first impressions on social media. More unusual, though, is not being able to scroll your feed without someone mentioning the product. You may have noticed that’s the case with the brand's new BADgal BANG! Mascara ($24; sephora.com or nordstrom.com). This stuff might as well be a Kardashian in a tube, since it’s currently breaking the Internet.

To buy: $12; sephora.com

Less than a week ago, Benefit launched this new formula and claimed it "boldly goes where no mascara has gone before." Ever-skeptical, the beauty community took it upon themselves to test this theory—and were blown away by the results. Users are raving about the volume, length, and jet-black pigment of their new go-to mascara. To make sure other beauty-lovers were aware of their discovery, they've been taking to Twitter and Instagram to show off photos of their lashes in all their BADgal glory.

"Used only one coat and it made my lashes look extremely black and long, spreading each lash," writes Instagram user sharakamall, who described it as "hands down the BEST mascara i’ve ever used so far" in a before-and-after application video.

"Usually it would take several coats of 3 different mascaras for me to reach these results so this is so game changing for me!" raved Instagram user makeupbyjennyj.

As of now, 59% of reviewers on Sephora.com have given the mascara a five-star rating, and its overall rating is currently an impressive four stars. It's safe to say that after scrolling through our social media feeds, we’ll be picking up a tube for our own makeup bags ASAP.