Here's to finally finding the perfect brow shape for your face.

By Lisa DeSantis
Updated January 08, 2020
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If we've learned anything from beauty trends over the past few years, it's that brows have the power to transform a face.While there are plenty of products out there to help you get the brows of your dreams, it's difficult to know which style will look best on you. Ever leave the waxing or threading salon unhappy? That's where Benefit's new try-on tool comes in.

The brand worked exclusively with Modi face to develop Benefit “Next Generation Brow Transformation Technology” in the Benefit Brow Try On Experience, a tool on their website that allows you to choose from 14 different brow shapes with six shade options (ranging in light to dark for each). In addition, you can adjust the arch, thickness, definition, and placement of your brows to see how you would look with different styles.

To use, you can either upload an existing image of yourself or use your computer's camera in real-time (which is pretty incredible).Being able to move your head from side to side and seeing your new brow shape from different angles is what makes it feel authentic. Plus, it helps you see what you're going to look like when you make expressions with your new brows. I've tried other apps and services where you can try on makeup or lashes, but they tend to be a little off. This, dear readers, is the most believable I've seen. There's no weird fuzziness or wonky placement with one brow being on your forehead and the other on your eyelid; it looks like you really do have a new pair of arches.

Lisa's Before Brows
Credit: Lisa's

I took a few screenshots of myself trying it out, and you can totally see the way different brows impact my whole look. In the first shot, my normal brows are on display (and yes, I already have them filled in with Benefit Browzings Tame & Shape Kit, which I use every day). The second image shows what I'd look like with fuller brows—I also amped up the thickness and adjusted their placement so they're closer together.

Lisa's Full Brow
Credit: Lisa's Full Brow

I also love that you can click on "Get the Brow" in the top right corner once you've chosen the look you like and are brought to a page where you can book a waxing service. When it comes time for your appointment, your Benefit brow technician will use the insight from the brow try-on to shape your arches just how you saw them online. You can also skip the service and go right to buy the recommended products for that style, making it a breeze to cut through the clutter of all the pomades, pencils, and gels that are offered.

Even if you're happy with your brows the way they currently are, I still recommend trying this out because of how fun it is to play with. And who knows, you may even wind up seeing a style that suits you even better!