"Brows are everything."
Credit: Getty Images

Kylie Jenner may change her hair color several times a week (OK, we're exaggerating a little bit, but we're sure that has happened before), but there is one thing that remains a constant in her look. That, of course, would be her perfectly shaped eyebrows.

We have marveled at them many times, and the day has finally come when Kylie and her makeup artist, Mario Tejada, have revealed their brow secrets with us. Cause for celebration? Oh, we think so.

In a video posted on her app, Tejada says that they first like to tint eyebrows for a more defined look.

Then, using a spoolie, he combs Kylie's brows in an upward position. Next, using light, feather-like strokes, he fills them in with a pencil (for Kylie, he uses Anastasia Beverly Hills in Medium Brown) and then applies foundation at the bridge to define them.

While we love an Anastasia eyebrow pencil with all of our hearts, the one thing that truly stood out was the MUA's tip for figuring out how long your brow needs to be. He said to take the spoolie pencil and place it from the tip of your nose to your temple. Where it hits on your temple is where your brow should end. Yup, definitely trying that one out!

So while her method does include a lot of steps, her brows are legit.

Now, we'll leave you with some pics so you can spend some time admiring her makeup.



Just a suggestion, Kylie... Maybe your next makeup venture should be all about the brow?

This article originally appeared on InStyle.com/MIMI.