Vivienne Westwood attributes her glowy, youthful skin to something we're not so sure is sanitary—so we asked a dermatologist for her take.

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At 76, legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is as lively as ever, and her gorgeous skin turned heads at Paris Fashion Week last weekend.

The only thing more surprising than her youthful glow? The secret behind it.

"Don't wash too much," Westwood said, in response to reporters' questions about her healthy skin secret, according to the New York Daily News. Her husband, Andreas Kronthaler, further explained his wife's washing routine.

“She only takes a bath every week. That’s why she looks so radiant,” Andreas Kronthaler told reporters. He also added that he himself bathes just once a month.

Westwood has discussed her unusual cleansing habits in the past. “I just wash my bits and rush out in the morning, and more often than not get in the bath after Andreas,” she once told an interviewer from PETA.

Weekly baths—and worse, weekly baths in someone else’s dirty water? We’ve heard of weekly washing for hair, but surely the body must require a bit more attention. To find out, we asked a skin doctor if seven days without lathering up can really help achieve a glow like Westwood’s—and if waiting a week between baths is a smart skin strategy.

“I wouldn't recommend it,” New York City–based dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD, told Health. “It doesn't seem healthy or hygienic, since it is important to cleanse the skin of bacteria and environmental pollutants.”

For a better (and cleaner) approach to glowing skin, Dr. Jaliman has another idea. “The best way to maintain a youthful glow is by exfoliating,” she explains. “A buildup of dead skin cells can make your skin look dull, and exfoliating promotes cell re-growth, which will make your skin glow more.”

For a full-body exfoliation, we love the Original Coffee Scrub by Frank Body ($20,, a coffee-based vegan option which includes Vitamin E to help the anti-aging process and leave skin looking supple. To focus on the face, try the Daily ExfoliPowder by Amarte Beauty ($37, It's a gentle exfoliator that minimizes hyperpigmentation and achieves a bright complexion.

Westwood's skin is gorgeous, but we think we'll stick to our daily showers and give these beauty options a try for now.