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We think the season's best get-gorgeous secrets come from people who have to look good when the temperature starts to rise. Borrow their truly insider tricks.

A Weather Reporter's Look-Great-in-the-Sun Secrets

"Even if there's a scorching heat wave, I have to look polished on camera. Although a big smile always helps, I also have a few makeup tricks.'
-Stephanie Abrams, on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel

Apply the Right Foundation
'You don't have to skip foundation in the heat, you just need to find one that offers protection from the sun without feeling heavy. I love Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup SPF 15 ($60; HourglassCosmetics.com). It's water-resistant, so it stays put even when I sweat.'


Powder Strategically
'My face can look shiny and greasy in the heat, but caking powder all over looks unnatural. Instead, I dust a powder like MAC's Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation ($26; MACcosmetics.com)Â only on my T-zone and forehead. For a natural finish, skip cheeks-it looks better when they have a little bit of shine.'

Define Eyes Naturally
'Shimmer looks overdone when the sunlight reflects off of it, so I stick with neutral, semi-matte eye shadows. I put a cream-colored powder shadow all over my lids, then a slightly darker shade in the creases for definition.'

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A Foot Model's Pretty-Summer-Feet Tricks

Soften With Caution
'Calluses serve a purpose-if your feet were as smooth as your face, every pair of shoes would cause blisters! I don't try to remove rough spots completely, but I don't let them get too thick either. At the end of every shower, I soften my soles with a pumice stone.'


Moisturize Before Bed
'It's better to apply lotion at night because creams and oils attract dirt, so feet can get messy if you lube up before putting on sandals. At bedtime, I also use my secret weapon-Dermelect Rejuvenail ($18; Dermelect.com)-on nails and cuticles. It helps nails grow ridge-free and prevents dried-out cuticles.'

Flatter Your Feet
'For summer, I wear an opaque polish so dirt won't be visible if it gets under my nails. Also, everyone's feet look better in strappy, heeled sandals in gold or a skin-tone-matching neutral. Chunky sandals with ankle straps and footwear that's darker than your skin can accentuate the dreaded cankles.'

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A Swimsuit Model's Baring-Your-Skin Tips

Remove the Fuzz
'I don't want to be self-conscious about hair when I'm wearing a swimsuit, so I get my bikini line and underarms waxed. It sounds like extra effort, but it keeps me fuzz-free longer than shaving. And each time I get it done, the hair is easier to remove.'

Soften Up Skin
'I always prep before a big photo shoot by exfoliating in the shower. Some scrubs can be irritating and cause redness, but I really like Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish ($38; Fresh.com). It's gentle, and the rich consistency doesn't dry out my skin.'


Shine On
'Before I get on set, I apply sunscreen, and the makeup artists sometimes smooth on baby oil gel ($4; drugstores). It's not quite as greasy as oil, but it adds a glow and repels water a bit so your skin looks good when you get out of the water.'

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An Olympic Swimmer's Hair-Saving Suggestions


Hydrate With Shampoo
'I avoid shampoos formulated to remove chlorine-they leave my hair dry and crispy. Instead, I wear a protective swim cap, and I always wash with a moisturizing shampoo after I get out of the pool. Pureology HydrateSystem Shampoo [Pureology.com] is my favorite. It's pricey, but a tiny amount goes a long way!'

Double Up on Conditioner
'I condition my hair in the shower and use leave-in conditioner, too. It sounds like overkill, but it really prevents damage. I use Pureology's conditioner after shampooing. On my clean, damp hair, I apply a dollop of leave-in conditioner (L'Anza Daily Nourish Leave-In Conditioner, $14; Lanza.com) and comb it through.'

Try Not to Dry
'I let my hair air-dry on most summer days to prevent damage. But when I do blow-dry, I mist it all over with a moisturizing styling spray first. Bumble and bumble Tonic Lotion [Bumbleandbumble.com] detangles and adds back moisture.'

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A Pro Volleyball Player's Sun-Shielding Tricks


Try a Multitasking Sunscreen
'I always use SPF 30 sunscreen that also has ingredients like vitamin C to prevent the damage you can't see. Murad Essential-C Day lotion ($60; Murad.com) is great for my face because it prevents, protects, hydrates, and repairs all in one!'

Cover Yourself Carefully
'I apply sunscreen to my body in front of a mirror before I go outside so I don't miss any spots. I'm even more careful with my face. I start with areas that are easy to forget, like my ears and along my hairline. Then I do a five-point system: I dab lotion on my forehead, nose, chin, and both cheeks, and then blend.'

Reapply, Reapply, Reapply
'When I'm outdoors and competing, I reapply sunscreen every two hours, even if I'm sweaty and dirty. And after matches, I rinse off completely and apply again, enlisting a friend to help me make sure I haven't missed any spots.'