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These beauty essentials will help you feel fresh on a multi-day hike, and won't weigh down your bag.  

By Rozalynn Frazier
July 18, 2016
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Earlier this summer, I went trekking through the French and Italian Alps for a week. The purpose: to test out Columbia Sportswear’s spring 2017 apparel and get a small taste of the terrain that comprises the 105-mile Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc  or UTMB race (more on that at a later date). Before departing, a close friend of mine gave me some advice: “Bring something that will make you feel like yourself." He would know: he once lived in a yurt while filming a movie in the mountains in western China. Talk about being out of your comfort zone.


I decided that "something" was a small grouping of beauty products. Look, just because you are roughing it, doesn’t mean you need to look rough. Am I right?


Here are the six buys that helped me survive in the mountains while looking and feeling fabulous—well, as fabulous as you can be when you are spending several hours each day navigating very technical trails through the sun, rain, and snow without being able to shower.

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