You can snag it for up to 20% off at Sephora’s Spring Sale.

By Braelyn Wood
Updated April 21, 2020

Despite skipping my daily commute into the office and spending that extra time sleeping in, my undereyes have acquired dark circles during quarantine. They could be a result of my inability to get a restful night’s sleep or the lack of concealer in my recent makeup-free routine, but regardless of their catalyst, these unsightly circles have become a permanent part of my reflection—and I want them gone. 

This naturally led me down a rabbit hole of research to find a top-notch product that promises to brighten dark circles. Reddit, dermatologists, and even my co-workers have differing opinions on how to conquer discoloring. Eventually, I turned to crowdsourcing beauty experts (ahem, Sephora reviewers), where I stumbled upon the Ole Henrikson Banana Bright Eye Cream, (from $32, was $39; 

A fan favorite with more than 1,600 perfect 5-star reviews, the brightening cream boasts a long list of nourishing ingredients, from shea butter to glycerin. However, the primary anti-aging benefits of the moisturizing formula come from vitamin C

The powerful antioxidant brightens dark spots, evens the skin tone, and can even repair the damage done by free radicals to reduce signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. It also boosts collagen production, though the formula also includes a healthy dose of the skin elasticity-improving ingredient. While I’m not worried about fine lines and wrinkles just yet, this anti-aging power is a huge part of why shoppers are obsessed with the lightweight cream.

ole henriksen banana eye cream
Credit: Sephora

The other reason this cream flew off shelves after launching? It actually disguises dark circles rather than smothering them in hydrating ingredients. It has a yellow pigment that color-corrects the undereyes and leaves a subtle shimmer. As a result, reviewers say just one application of the cream instantly reduces the appearance of dark circles. It’s still neutral enough to apply concealer over, if you wish—in fact, the brand says it actually improves the wear of concealers—but it offers enough coverage for a makeup-free day. 

Plus, the eye cream features the same intoxicating fresh scent as Ole Henrikson’s Banana Bright Primer (from $31, was $38;, which is already a staple in my beauty routine. I can attest the primer smells like a warm summer day accompanied by a fresh glass of OJ. 

While its clean ingredients were enough to convince me to add the eye cream to my virtual shopping cart, its rave reviews ensured I checked out ASAP. One shopper deemed it the “only eye cream” they trust, and another said it was “a miracle in a bottle.” In fact, the eye cream is even personally responsible for convincing one reviewer to start using eye cream at all.

“I was never good about using eye creams regularly because I never saw a real difference —until I got this one!” they wrote. “The cool tingling feeling is amazing, especially in the morning. It really helps to ‘wake up’ my under eye area. I am on my third jar of the stuff, but it does last a good amount of time. It’s the first eye cream that’s made me commit!”

Best of all, Sephora’s massive spring sale allows shoppers to save up to 20% off on Ole Henrikson’s best-selling eye cream with the promo code SPRINGSAVE. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to stalk the mailman as I anxiously await its arrival.

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