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There is no struggle quite like trying to find the perfect nude lip color. The shade either ends up a touch too pink, too brown, or even too purple. But thankfully, supermodel and body-pos idol Ashley Graham is here to solve all of our lip woes with a little bit of insight into her own beauty routine.

While preparing for a shoot in Los Angeles, the Sports Illustrated cover star revealed on her Instagram Story that her go-to lip liner is Revlon’s Colorstay Lipliner ($6, in shade ‘nude’. Graham captured a quick video for the ‘gram of makeup artist Ash Holm giving her lips a touch-up with the Revlon liner, then, Graham revealed that the nude shade is her absolute “fav.”

Credit: Instagram

A $6 (yes, really) beauty find that won’t break the bank, Revlon’s long-lasting liner applies smoothly and stays in place for up to eight hours without feathering or bleeding. It’s no surprise that Graham took time out of her busy prep to share her top pick for a neutral (yet still super flattering) shade with followers because we already know she’s a huge fan of Revlon products. She became a Revlon ambassador this year and partnered with the trusted beauty brand in early 2019 to create her very own lip kit called Never Enough Lip.

You can also shop the super affordable drugstore liner in 13 additional shades, but most reviewers stand by Graham’s nude choice, calling it the “most universal shade for all lipstick and lipgloss color.” One wearer even raved that the nude liner not only gives her lips a “natural, fuller appearance,” but also lasted through an entire marathon—a fact proven by her finish line photos.


Even though the liner can be paired with a plethora of other lip products, Holm, Graham’s makeup artist, opted to layer Revlon’s Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish ($7, in the shade ‘Date Night’ on Graham’s lips as a final touch. The super pigmented lipstick, which comes in 12 different colors, has the sleek, shiny finish you’d expect out of a gloss—but without the uncomfortable sticky feeling you likely remember from your youth.

You’ll also get full coverage with just one swipe, though an additional coat of lipstick or a touch up here and there can’t hurt when a product has a price tag this low. In fact, you’ll probably want to drown your lips in this Revlon lacquer when you see all the moisturizing ingredients—like shea butter, Vitamin E, and aloe leaf extract—included in the formula. Plus, each shade of this lip polish has a dreamy fragrance with notes of mango and vanilla.


With both products locked on her lips, there’s no denying Graham’s final look was amazing. While we can’t wait for her to reveal more about the shoot, we’ll be over here perfecting our own nude lip routine using her top recommendations. Bonus points: For Amazon Prime members (or anyone who signs up for a free, 30-day trial) both of these pout perfectors will be at your door in just two days.

Credit: Alex Sandoval

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