And it’s on Amazon!

By Braelyn Wood
September 10, 2019

While most of us cringe at the beauty products we used in middle school, there’s a select group of people who still use the same products they adored as teenagers. My bank account could only dream!

One of these rare specimens? Sports Illustrated model Ashley Graham, who recently revealed in an interview with Into the Gloss that she’s used John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Dream Curls ($7; to achieve smooth, sleek, and frizz-free beachy waves since junior high. The best part? This budget-friendly drugstore beauty favorite is available on Amazon for under $10.

The body-positivity activist admitted she “hates” doing her hair and likes to keep her routine super simple. Graham uses “any shampoo that’s sulfate-free” to scrub down her hair before soaking her wet strands in John Frieda styling spray. She then flips her hair back and forth as it air dries.

“It keeps it perfectly wavy like I’ve been at the beach all day, but still frizz-free,” raved Graham. “I’ve been doing this since I was in middle school, same brand—I’ve tried other products, and nothing else works as well.”

The spray’s magnesium-enriched formula works by penetrating the hair shaft to restore the natural curl. You can apply to towel-dried hair to help enhance your natural texture as your strands air dry, or use it to revive curls on second or third-day hair.

Boosted by Abyssinian Oil (which is rich in omega 6 and vitamins A and E), the spray also decreases frizz, adds moisture, and boosts your locks’ natural shine. Talk about versatile! The Graham-approved Frizz-Ease formula is also available in the form of a lightweight foam, a curl-reviving mousse with thermal protectant for heat styling, and a multi-use styling creme. Depending on your hair styling routine, you can choose the application method that best suits your locks.

The nutrient-filled formula is also safe to use on chemically or color-treated hair, which means the product can stay in your beauty routine as you take on the latest hair trends. No wonder it’s been a staple in Graham’s hair care routine for over 15 years!

Otherwise, the self-proclaimed “wash-and-go girl” keeps the rest of her hair care routine pretty streamlined. She said she uses Kenra’s Dry Volume Burst ($13,, a recommendation from her hair stylists, to give her hair a bit more volume, and treats dry ends with with [tempo-ecommerce src=" rel="sponsored" target="_blank">relying on John Frieda as her holy-grail product for keeping frizz at bay.

But Graham isn’t the only person raving over the spray. One Amazon reviewer called it a “miracle in a bottle” for turning her “frizz ball” into “soft touchable waves in less than five minutes.” Even though the product is designed for already curly or wavy strands, another Amazon reviewer with straight, thick hair said she discovered the product also helped her achieve perfect beachy waves.

Best of all, this styling spray is super affordable at just $7. Plus, with Prime’s two-day shipping, you’ll have it on your vanity in no-time—maybe even for the next decade or two, à la Ashley Graham!

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