“This is, without a doubt, the best value for the only serums you will ever need for making your skin look great.”

By Christina Butan
July 25, 2019

By now, you’ve probably heard that most of the best anti-aging products out there include at least one of these two ingredients: vitamin C and retinol. These superstar components are essential if you’re aiming for brighter and more supple skin, less noticeable wrinkles and age spots, and an all-over, hydrated glow. Unfortunately, most of us know how expensive it can get to maintain a skincare routine that includes both ingredients. That’s why Amazon shoppers have turned to ArtNaturals, an organic beauty brand that offers a convenient set of vitamin C and retinol serums for just $21.

While it may sound a little too good to be true, over 1,800 Amazon customers stand behind the ArtNaturals Anti-Aging Set and have left perfect 5-star reviews—proving that it is possible to get quality skincare without breaking the bank. The set comes with one-ounce bottles of vitamin C serum and retinol serum, and while you can definitely rely on both to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, they each tackle other skin concerns as well. Vitamin C can help lighten dark circles, sun damage, and age spots, while retinol has collagen-boosting properties.


Customers who have used the serums say they actually work, and that they’ve noticed major improvements in as little as two weeks.

This anti-aging set is fantastic! I’m a 40-year-old woman with sensitive, wrinkled, and hyperpigmented skin. I have only used for two weeks and I can tell a marked difference in tone, smoothness, and scars. It’s so affordable, feels wonderful under makeup, and is a regimen I can actually do as it’s three easy products,” one shopper wrote. “Where was this product when I was a broke teen!? Give it a try, you will be pleased. I will state that the bottles with droppers will allow you to use every single drop, not like product in a sealed container where you can’t get the dang lid off to get the last bits. This is my new go-to as far as I’m concerned, very impressed.”

Some customers even say they love the serums so much that they’ve continuously repurchased them, and that compared to higher-end serums with the same ingredients, they actually prefer ArtNaturals because the products don’t irritate sensitive skin or cause breakouts.

“Third time purchasing and using this vitamin C [serum]. I needed a refill and was also running low on my ho-hum (expensive!) retinol serum. Found this pack and gave it a whirl. Have only been using the retinol serum for six days and already notice improved skin results! I am nearing 40 and have found my skin has been super cranky the past few years. The vitamin C serum has been my go-to day and night product, and it truly tightened and brightened my skin,” another customer raved. “Pairing it with this retinol, my skin has softened and calmed down. I typically break out, experience increased redness/irritation and flaking from new retinol serums, [but] this serum feels more oil-based and nourishing than others I have tried.”

If you’re not ready to take the plunge on all three serums yet, ArtNaturals also offers each one separately for just $13 each. Whatever you choose to do, we have a feeling you won’t regret adding these nourishing and effective serums into your daily skincare routine (especially given the low price).

You can purchase the entire serum set here, and check out more of ArtNaturals’ products from the brand’s Amazon storefront, which also includes essential oils and hair care.

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