Ariana, Ariana, let down your hair.

By Mehera Bonner,
Updated September 22, 2015
Credit: Getty Images

In a beauty move so unprecedented that it's rocked the very fabric of our nation, Ariana Grande has released her hair from its ponytail shackles — and guess what? It's absolutely, completely, and totally gorgeous.

Ariana's hair has always been pretty (if somewhat predictable), but who knew she was hiding a cascade of healthy curls in that ponytail, AMIRIGHT? Did we mention that row of braids complimenting what Grande calls "peekaboo healthy curls" alongside her perfect pink pout, all captured in optimal selfie lighting?

No word yet if this edgier and more grown-up style will become a staple for Grande, but this is definitely a "don't mind if we do" moment.

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