Excessive hand-washing may ward off swine flu, but it's sure doing a number on my skin. All that hot, soapy water has left my hands dry and scaly, and the clinical smell of office bathroom soap is making me think I'm in for a long winter. That's why I was happy to discover Depth's tropical-scented hand soaps and lotions. The soap is subtly citrus, and just one small squirt of hand lotion leaves a hint of piña colada lingering for hours. And the best part? They keep my hands super soft—even when I wash up a dozen times each day—thanks to sea-based ingredients like algae that keep skin hydrated without feeling greasy and slick.

I'd use Depth just for the luscious scents—nothing beats a harsh winter day like a sniff of island-y bliss—but I like knowing that I'm supporting a company that gives back too. Depth has partnered with Camp SEA Lab, a marine scientific adventure camp for underprivileged children, to inspire a love for the ocean among younger generations. Plus, the products are 70% organic and the packaging is made from 50% postconsumer waste.

I'm stashing the mangrove citrus hand soap (; $8) and bay coconut hand and body lotion ($10) next to my sink. If I have to lather up for a lengthy 20 seconds, at least with Depth's products I can close my eyes and pretend I'm anywhere but chilly New York.