This Is the Best Hand Cream for Soothing Over-Sanitized Hands, According to Amazon Shoppers

“With one application of this lotion, I instantly felt a difference.”
By Rebecca Deczynski
December 03, 2020
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The seemingly endless (yet necessary) cycle of consistently and throughout washing and sanitizing your hands is a habit that keeps you healthy and safe. But it’s also one that comes with one downside: dried out—and sometimes cracked—skin. This is especially true for healthcare workers who scrub down even more regularly than the average person might—many have discovered a product that not only keeps hands soft and hydrated in the long run but also heals crack and rough patches for good.

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream ($8; is an Amazon best-seller, with over 8,000 five-star reviews—many of them coming from healthcare workers who testify to the cream’s ability to hydrate their hard-working hands. “I'm a nurse and have been washing my hands excessively this year due to working on COVID units in the hospital,” wrote one shopper. “My hands were starting to dry out, crack, hurt, but this O’Keeffe's cream is really the best to heal all of it.” 

Made with a concentrated formula of ingredients like glycerin (a humectant that both helps skin hydrate and stay moisturized), stearic acid (a fatty acid found in cocoa and shea butter), and beeswax, O’Keeffe's hand cream is formulated to help the skin form a protective, moisturized barrier (similar to the brand’s equally beloved foot cream). It’s unscented, and reviewers say that it doesn’t leave a greasy residue, either.

“As a healthcare worker during a pandemic, constantly washing and sanitizing my hands left them red, raw, dry, cracked, and burning,” wrote another five-star reviewer. “With one application of this lotion, I instantly felt a difference. It wraps a layer of moisture that locks into your skin. I have had no other success with regular hand lotions. This one takes the cake.”

Anyone with chronic dry skin knows the hassle of having to repeatedly reapply creams and lotions throughout the day, but shoppers also say that O’Keeffe’s product not only relieves dry, cracked skin in the short-term but improves it over time, too. “Working in healthcare, my hands are washed an insane amount of times during the day. At night I apply this stuff and the next day my hands are perfect,” wrote another reviewer. “No more applying moisturizer all day.”

Credit: Amazon

And for those who have splits, cracks, or especially rough patches of skin, reviewers say this cream can be applied without causing any extra pain: “This is so much better than regular lotion—it’s not gooey or liquidy, it doesn't sting on open sores, or have a strong smell. The overall appearance of my hands has improved,” wrote a shopper who struggles with chronic picking

At 3.4 ounces, the $8 jar of O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream is moderately sized, but since a little goes a long way, it should last you well through winter months. Frosty temperatures and constant washing don’t even stand a chance at roughing up your hands this year.

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