She took off her wig during the British show First Dates to make a point about beauty—and her date's sweet response is a tearjerker.


First dates are nerve-racking under the best circumstances. But imagine hiding a big health secret from your date on top of those normal jitters.

That was the dilemma facing Eve Betts, who was appearing on the British reality show First Dates. Since she was a child, Betts has had alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes the body to mistakenly attack hair follicles, leaving bald patches or resulting in total baldness. Eve is completely bald and has also lost her eyebrows. When she arrives at the restaurant for the blind date prearranged by the show, her head is covered by a long dark wig.

After Eve and her blind date, Jordan, introduce themselves, this ballsy chick gets straight to the point by saying, "I always like to say this to people right away. I don't have any hair. I wear a wig." She removed it in front of Jordan and a waitress, revealing her smooth, tattooed head and then explained her condition.

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Here's where things get heartwarming. Jordan replies by telling her that the bald look suits her, and Eve picks up the wig. "It's so annoying to put back on," she comments. Jordan then smiles and says, "keep it off." At that point, Eve, who works in the beauty industry, runs to the bathroom and explains to the camera what it's been like living with alopecia.

"One of the reasons I wanted to do beauty is because I went through school being bullied," she says. "You know, you don't have any eyebrows. I don't remember ever feeling upset about it, apart from now. It's really hard, it's really hard."

After facing herself in the mirror, Eve proudly exits the bathroom and asks the waitstaff to hold onto the wig for her until she finishes her date with Jordan. His comment when she sits back down? "You're beautiful."

We don't yet know what happened to these two, but considering the physical and emotional chemistry evident on the show, we're totally hoping a second date is in the cards—and that more people living with health issues feel empowered to put them out there as well.