This eyeshadow palette is a favorite at, it's got a wide variety of colors and it looks great on any complexion. Watch the video to learn how to get the look—and all about the palette.


Whether you’re a beauty novice or a pro, the goal is the same when you set out to apply makeup: you want it to look good. To do this, there are things you should take into account—like your coloring. But that’s where things can start to get a little confusing and overwhelming, so much so that you might just give up.

To the rescue is an eye shadow palette with so many choices, it’s a cinch to create a stunning look no matter what your skin tone is, we promise. Makeup artists agree that warmer-toned shadows are most flattering because they have the power to wake up your face and make eyes pop. The new Huda Beauty palette, called Desert Dusk, offers 18 versatile shades— from a rich orange called Blazing to a dimensional purple-y glitter that changes color when it catches the light—all designed to complement each other.

For the look created on the 5 models in this video, we stuck to the peach-toned hues, using two mattes (Eden on the lid and Amber on the crease), two pressed pearl shades (Blood Moon for the smokey effect on the outer corner and Nefertiti on the inner corner, blended toward the middle of the lid), and a duo-chrome topper (Celestial on top of Nefertiti).

The end result looks gorgeous on all of the models, but it’s easy to see that the colors read differently on each girl—for example, one swipe of some shades really show up well on lighter skin, but it took a few extra passes on darker skin to look the same. There’s no exact formula, but that’s what makes playing with this palette so much fun!