Watch him work his magic.

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Now we are one step closer to copying Adele's dramatic winged eye—thanks to her generous makeup artist, Michael Ashton, who spills the secrets to his technique in this tutorial.

His first tip for the perfect cat-eye: Start by dabbing some black gel eyeliner on the back of your hand. This allows the product to dry out a bit, so it's more "workable," Ashton explains. Then apply the liner to your lid, starting near the "middle inner corner of the eye" and working out.

Ashton gradually builds thickness as he goes, finishing just past the end of the natural lash line. When he returns to the inner corner, he gently stretches the lid to avoid any creases as he draws the thinnest section, and blends it with the original line. Even with a black liner, it helps to use several layers: "You do need to keep going back over, revisiting … and just build up that color density," he says.

Next comes the tricky part: the wing. "What I like to do is start right at the base of the lashes, using a little more pressure on the brush, so that we get a thicker line. And as I drag it outwards and upwards at a 45-degree angle towards her temple, just take a little bit of that pressure off so that you get a thinner, softer flick."

Finally, to sharpen the shape of the flick (and clean up any mistakes you made earlier), Ashton recommends a little Bioderma water and Muji thin cotton buds.

Ashton's technique is undoubtedly harder than it sounds. But remember your goal:

All the effort will be worth it when your final result looks something like that.