I like to wear as little makeup as possible in the summer, so I was thrilled to discover a fabulous new lip gem from Christian Dior called Addict Lip Glow ($28; Sephora). This product hits on three important “musts” when it comes to finding the perfect lip product: It moisturizes your lips, eliminating any need for additional balms; it provides an SPF of 10, great for the warmer months ahead; and, best of all, the nearly clear color enhances your lips own natural color.

A few minutes after applying, youll see a soft pink tint appear on your lips. It's kind of like those mood lipsticks of the '70s, which were all about pigments, pH, and changes in light wavelengths. Admittedly, I never fully understood the science behind mood lipsticks; in fact, I still dont. All I know is this is the best 3-in-1 lip product for summer 09. Yep, Im addicted. Why dont you try Dior Addict Lip Glow and email your thoughts to me?