Im one of those people whose skin looks wrinkly and dry if I dont get at least eight hours of sleep, so I was intrigued by a moisturizing product that came across my desk this week.

Called Super Restorative Wake-Up Lotion, this new hydrator contains green coffee extract (the caffeine supposedly reactivates cells and energizes the skin), ginseng root (to enhance the energizing action of the caffeine), and oat sugars (a natural skin-tightening agent). Knowing I had some big meetings the next day, I grabbed this latest introduction from Clarins and threw it in my bag to take home.

The next morning, I applied the thin, milky, slightly tacky liquid to my face after stepping out of the shower. The directions suggest light tapping movements with the pads of your fingertips — this alone energized my sleepy skin. Surprisingly, the lotion absorbed very quickly: In less than a two minutes I was able to move onto my makeup without any sticky problems.

So did this caffeine-laced lotion make up for many hours of lost sleep? Three skin compliments later, Im wondering if I should keep the new wake-up lotion a secret. Nah, but Id love to know what you think. Email me at