Best Mascara
Ramy Triumph Mascara ($15)

Rather than add another coat to lashes at the end of the day, try this clear, water-based formula designed to thicken, lengthen, hydrate, and declump tired lashes. You can also use it as a base coat. Its infused with triethanolamine, which helps maintain pH balance, and PVP, an anti-bacterial agent to fight germs in your mascara bottle.

Best For: Sparse lashes, or for the end-of-day mascara blues

This concealer moonlights as a blemish-fighter, so youre treating the problem at the same time youre covering it up. Salicylic acid helps exfoliate, minimize inflammation and redness, and decrease acne-causing bacteria.

Best For: All skin types except the very sensitive

This speckled cream blends on contact into a perfect shade for your skin. Its loaded with moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E and grapeseed extract, plus top-rated sun blockers like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Best For: Skin tones from pale to olive (comes in light, light/medium, and medium)