These easy tricks will get you plush and soft lashes in minutes—no falsies necessary.

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Fluffy, flirty and fabulous—those are the words we all love to hear when talking about our lashes.

Just how do we achieve plush, dramatic lashes on a daily basis without the expense of falsies or the time-consuming commitment of extensions?

Here are my favorite daily alternatives to achieve amazing lashes in mere minutes:


Choose the right brush

Fuller wands create big, bold lashes, all while adding dimension and richness. I love Maybelline Full ‘N Soft ($6.49) because it builds healthy, lush lashes without the uncomfortable brittle feeling. Plus, it prevents loss of lashes by being simple enough to remove at the end of the day. No tugging here!

The smaller the wand, the greater the discovery

I love to create the perfect enviable lash by pairing two mascaras: one with a small brush to capture the "itty bitties” that often go untouched by your regular mascara wand; and then a larger, full-bristled wand to extend, lengthen and thicken the rest of your lash line. For instantaneous drama, check out Eyeko Lengthening Skinny Brush Mascara Long & Tall ($19), which features a slim design that grabs and separates the tiniest lashes. It also locks in color for 12 hours.

Application is everything

Make sure you are maximizing your assets with your formula of choice. Begin at your lash base, wiggle back and forth, and then continue wiggling as you extend along the length of your lash. Repeat. You will create the illusion of a thicker lash line with each application. This is a great mid-afternoon pick-me-up to revive your look and refresh your lash line without adding another glop of mascara—a major fashion no-no. And fortunately, nearly any brush can create this effect.

Fill with fiber

When it comes to making lashes appear fuller, I look out for formulas that feature synthetic fibers, which help plump your natural lash line by filling in any gaps and extending your natural lash length, which equals volume and sculpted perfection. My pick is L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes ($8.99). It offers an angled brush, which creates the illusion of falsies with a creamy formula that also defines curls.


A moisturizing formula not only gives you doll-like lashes, but it can also repair and hydrate, and it's especially helpful if you’re looking to create volume and give your beauties a treatment. I like Talika Eyelash Lipociles ($21), a conditioning gel that promises to intensify your natural color, curl with ease, and keep lashes silky smooth.

Fill the line

One tip I live by with all of my clients? Apply a liner by wiggling directly into your lashes to fill the in-betweens. This trick easily creates the appearance of a naturally fuller lash line. I recommend Make Up For Ever AQUA Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil ($19) because it’s creamy, offers a rich color, and stays put for hours. Make sure you pick a natural shade to enhance your features, such as 25L-Matte Brown, OL-Matte Black or 24L-Taupe. Also, a very small top lid liner creates an eye-opening effect. For this, try dotting a waterproof eyeliner directly on top of your lash line in either dark brown or black, then sweep a brush across it to smudge the line.

Curl those lashes

No matter which mascara or brush you use, always curl those lashes before you head out the door. This a quick eye-opening trick that refreshes any look by adding a youth-defying curl and an instant awakening effect. Have a swanky soiree to attend after work? Simply refresh your look by curling them once more. And remember, be gentle with your lashes—it should never hurt!

Comb out

For the appearance of falsies, I like to comb through lashes prior to applying mascara with a spoolie brush ($1.99). Remember that eyelashes, just like any type of hair, can get oily, grimy, and bunch together. Start with clean and thoroughly dried lashes. Separate the hairs with a spoolie and then brush through once more after mascara has been applied to remove clumps. A clean lash keeps your eyes healthy and allows your lashes to look fuller.

Vanessa Elese is an Emmy Award-winning makeup artist and beauty expert.
This article originally appeared on Fox News Magazine