With the non-stop world we live in, it's about time our beauty products stepped up their on-the-go game, too.
Credit: Courtesy of Pacifica

With the non-stop world we live in, it's about time our beauty products stepped up their on-the-go game, too. You've probably been using face wipes for years, either every night or just when you travel, thanks to their one-swipe-and-done allure. But you probably didn't know there's now a wipe for practically everything in your beauty and hygiene routine. Check out the 8 products we're packing now, all of which are TSA-approved.


Pacifica Island Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion Wipes ($7 for 30, ulta.com)
Never toss an entire bottle of lotion in the security line again. Pack these moisturizing wipes instead. Infused with coconut milk, these biodegradable cloths hydrate skin without leaving them feeling slick.

Body wash

Photo: Courtesy of Yuni

YUNI Instant Shower Sheet ($12 for 20, yunibeauty.com)
These are meant to be used after your workout, but may also be useful for intrepid backpackers or campers—or for travel emergencies, like getting stuck in the airport overnight. (You never know!) The biodegradable towel is large enough that you just need one for your whole body but small enough to keep in your toiletry bag for when you need it.

Facial cleanser

Photo: Courtesy of Target

Burt's Bees Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Towelettes ($5 for 25, target.com)
Give your face a deep clean, no sink or wash-cloth needed. The textured wipe grips on to dirt, oil, and makeup while witch hazel sloughs off dead skin cells so skin is left feeling fresh.


Photo: Courtesy of Flu War

FluWar Antibacterial Wipe Travel Pack ($2 for 8, fluwar.com)
Keep hands moisturized and protected against germs wherever you go with these antibacterial wipes. Made with aloe and vitamin E and without alcohol so you'll never have to sacrifice germ protection for smooth hands again.


Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Dennis Gross

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pads ($12 for 5, sephora.com)
Get show-off skin with these disposable self-tanner pads that contain vitamin D and DHA (the tanning ingredient). Bonus: application with a wipe may create a more even tan.


Photo: Courtesy of Noma Terra

Nomaterra On-The Go Fragrance Wipes ($20 for 12, sephora.com)
Gorgeous fragrance bottles are great for decorating your bathroom or vanity but they're not easy to bring with you. Trade them in for these scent-soaked wipes instead. The long-lasting formula comes in three scents (Miami orange blossom, Malibue honeysuckle, and Oahu Gardenia) so you can find your perfect match.

Nail Polish Remover

Photo: Courtesy of Butter London

Butter London Scrubbers ($10 for 10, sephora.com)
Never get caught with a chipped mani again! Just one of these polish-removing wipes works for all 10 nails without any lingering scent so you can use them anywhere.


Photo: Courtesy of Whish

Whish Deodorant Inhibiting Odor Swipes ($7 for 8, dermstore.com)

Travel-sized deodorants are easy enough to come by, but why not make even more room in your bag? Plus, when you're out of your element, things can get stinky. So stop trying to sneak a lift and sniff and keep these slick deodorizing wipes on you. The mixture of active botanicals and seaweed and seabuckthorn extracts keep B.O. at bay.