We gotta stick together.

By Hallie Gould, MIMIchatter.com
November 13, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of MIMIchatter.com/Hallie Gould

I've been through countless stages with my curly hair–hating it, bleaching it, cutting it–the works. After a failed home-straightening kit disaster, though, I started to realize enough was enough. Not only is my curly hair unique, but it also looks pretty damn good when treated properly. Also, isn't part of becoming a real life grown-up learning to love the way you look?

With help from Halli Bivona of the John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman (my part-time hairstylist, part-time life coach, full-time friend), I narrowed down the five most important things to maintaining healthy hair, and in my case, a subsequently fulfilled life.

1. Wet Texture Spray

Spritz curls with a light misting of water followed by an even distribution of texture spray. Gently scrunch and let air dry to refresh second-day curls.

2. Light Oil

Sometimes your hair needs a bit of taming during the day. I recommend a fast-absorbing oil to take away frizz and revive curls without weighing them down. Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Oil absorbs five times faster than argan oil and doesn't leave any annoying residue. Pump a quarter-size amount of product into your hand emulsify it between your palms. This will help with the distribution. Coat your fingers and gently twist the curls.

3. Cold Water

The most important thing is to keep your curly hair hydrated, and the way to do that is by limiting hot showers. Warm water causes the hair follicle to become porous, which leads to dryness–and that will lead to frizz. If you can't give up steamy hot showers altogether (we certainly can't), then make sure to at least finish off with a cool rinse.

4. Your Fingers (Instead of a Brush)

Skip brushing your curls. Any type of brush will fray the ends of your natural curls and create frizz. When you need to detangle, comb your fingers through your hair, it'll keep the shape of the curl as well as maintain it's texture and sheen.

5. Deep Conditioner

If your curls aren't cooperating it may be time for a deep conditioner. Look for one that is chock-full of essential oils (ingredients like camellia oil, lotus, and olive oil). Apply to your hair and wrap it up in a shower cap for 5-10 minutes.