Life changing doesn't even begin to explain it.

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Traveling light is hard, especially when it comes to choosing between your favorite products (and shoes…). Thankfully, beauty companies continue to innovate ways to make traveling with a carry-on much easier to handle.

Sphynx Razor: $14.99,

Not to be dramatic, but I think this might be the most useful carry-on travel product of all time. This mini razor device has four settings you can rotate between: two one-blade razors, a water compartment, and soap. You can take this little guy through security, so it solves your "no razor for the weekend" problem. Separately, it's super easy to use on the go, meaning it's perfect to keep at your desk for when you miss that embarrassing strip of hair on your knee.

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3-Step Sheet Mask in Aqua and Vita-Toning: $7,

I don't know about you, but all of my favorite cleansers and moisturizers are way over the allotted 3.4 ounces. This three-step skin care is cleverly packaged into one packable sheet, and includes a facial foam cleanser, a whitening and anti-wrinkle serum, and sheet mask. Going to be gone for three days? Throw three in your bag. Done and done.

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Cover FX Custom Cover Drops: $38,

I'm already a huge fan of Cover FX's Custom Cover Drops, but they make life even easier when you're on vacation. Simply drop your concentrated color pigment into your favorite moisturizer for sheer coverage by day, and add it to your favorite mattifying primer by night. Add more drops for more coverage, and enjoy the extra room in your Ziploc bag.

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Trèstique beauty products: $24 - 34,

Almost every time I travel, at least one product is tragically left behind. Whether it's a brush or my favorite highlighter, something is always missing. Trèstique eliminates that possibility by creating two-in-one products. Their bronzer stick holds a cream-gel bronzer and brush ($34,, while their lip crayon has a shiny balm and matte pigment available in six colors ($28,

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