The struggle may be real—but, at least this year, the hair struggle doesn't have to be.

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The Chinese zodiac may say 2016 is the year of the monkey, but we think it's the year of the hare—well, the year of the hair, that is. (Sorry, couldn't help ourselves.)

We all have something we've been trying far too long to fix with our manes—such as frizz, a tedious morning blow-dry routine, or locks that won't hold curls.

Make 2016 the year this all changes: the year you "hack" your mane. To help you do so, we've rounded up our favorite tips and tricks—a range that is guaranteed to cover even the most problematic hair issues. The struggle may be real—but, at least this year, the hair struggle doesn't have to be.

Style your hair the night before


Image: Courtesy of POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone

Girls with especially thick and/or long hair have been doing this for years—but any style or cut can benefit from this time-saving hack. Whether you’re sleeping in braids, a texturizing product, or even on straightened locks, styling the night before saves you the morning hassle. Plus the next-day look is always better.

Extend your blowout with dry shampoo


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One of the best parts about a blowout is that you can make it last a few days after the actual treatment—aka, skip the hassle of washing and styling your own hair. Win, win. One of the best ways to extend the blowout without letting your hair turn greasy is to apply dry shampoo to the roots, around the ears, and at the nape of the neck. Then massage it in, brush it down, or blast it with a blow-dryer. Poof. Your hair is perfect again.

Eliminate dandruff with lemon juice


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One of the most embarrassing hair problems is undeniably the culprit behind white flakes left behind on collars and scarves: dandruff. For a homeopathic and DIY solution to this common issue, use a combination of lemon juice, olive oil, and water to lift the flakes and moisturize the scalp underneath.

Clean hair with baking soda


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If there’s product and residue left even after shampooing, a DIY water-and-baking-soda paste can easily strip even the worst buildup. The best part? There’s a good chance you already have this product in your house.

Leave an inch border between your hairline and your moisturizer


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If your roots tend to get greasy after a blowout, it may be your moisturizer that’s doing the harm. By applying moisturizer up to the hairline, some is likely to travel to your roots—instead, leave an inch border between this product and your blown-out hair to ensure that your style lasts longer.

DIY coconut oil hair mask


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The religion of 2015 was coconut oil, and there’s no surprise that this moisturizing product makes a great DIY hair mask. To get the best benefits, smooth it over your hair before bed and leave in (after wrapping it up to spare your sheets) while you sleep, and then wash out in the morning.

Twist wet hair to enhance curls


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Wavy hair can often be difficult to define and coax fuller curls from, but it’s possible courtesy of the twisting method. By turning strands into twists while still wet—even before blotting dry—it helps curls take shape.

Lighten dark hair with chamomile tea


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While lemon juice is often used to create natural highlights by reacting to sunlight, chamomile tea is a great way to brighten dark hair in the non-Summer months. By steeping the tea, pouring over your mane, and leaving overnight, superdark strands can achieve a golden glow.

Reduce frizz with a dryer sheet


Image: Courtesy of POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone

Since frizz is a form of hair static, it makes sense that this laundry product also works on our strands—even if it does sound a bit odd. Grab one sheet, and rub it over your head to solve this common problem on the run.

Curl your hair with socks


Image: Courtesy of My Style Vita

Yes, you read that right—all you need to achieve salon-worthy mermaid waves are a few pairs of socks. Check out the tutorial from Nicole Sykes to learn this supersimple and convenient trick for waking up with a ready-to-go style.

Apply conditioner to fine hair with a comb


Image: Courtesy of POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone

For women with fine, long hair, finding ways to detangle can be tricky. One of the easiest ways to ensure your tresses don’t dry in a rat’s nest is simply by applying conditioner with a long-tooth comb in the shower.

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